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DarwinEssay – Honest and Precise Review

We always wondered what Darwinessay.net was all about, especially that its name is kind of interesting. After several weeks of gathering resources, customer reviews and all sorts of information, we decided to present our review of this writing service. Here is a spoiler: it has nothing to do with Darwin, but we will get to that later.

In this DarwinEssay review, we will present a couple of things that you, the client, might find interesting. We will talk about the products and services that this company sells, how much it charges and what the customers think of it. We will conclude this article with a verdict.

Darwinessay.net – Not What We Expected

When we first visited the site, we didn’t know what to expect. However, it turns out that Darwin Essay is just a clever name for a run-of-the-mill writing service. The company specializes in academic services. They offer term papers, research papers, essays, lab reports and so on.

The site states that it uses native English speakers, that it has a helpful customer support and that is always available online. However, we will present later our experience with them, and then you will decide whether the statement is true or not.

Darwinessay.net’s website has a nice design, and it is very well structured. It is easy to navigate through, it loads up fast, and it offers a lot of information about its services. It is the first positive thing we experienced with this company.

Time to Check the Testimonials

We had to see what some of the clients think about Darwin Essays. We browsed the Internet, and we found a lot of customer reviews. Most of them were mixed. Many clients were displeased by the lack of communication between them and the staff and the low-quality products they have received.

Placing an Order

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to order something from a site called Darwin Essays, so we did just that. We asked for a college-level research paper of just four pages. The deadline was set for two weeks, and we asked the writer to come up with a topic of his own.

The paper arrived on time, but that’s about all. Judging by the mistakes (spelling errors, grammar mistakes), awkward sentences and questionable structuring, the writer was not a native English speaker. Even the sources used were outdated and inappropriate for a college-level paper.

We tried to contact the writer and the staff, but we got no response. So much for that “always available online” claim.

How Much Did It Cost?

The prices are extremely low, which is a red flag for us. There are discounts in the form of coupon codes. We asked for a promo code but got no response.

The Verdict

Darwin Essay receives a low rating because it is everything that the customers said. The prices are disturbingly low, the quality is lacking, and there is nothing good to say about this service.

Darwinessay.net is not scam or fraud, but it does drain you of money.

DarwinEssay review