Top 5 Writing Services to Try Out This Year

As a student, probably the most unnerving thing to deal with is the fact that we barely have any time for ourselves. If we have time for sleep and studying, we don’t have time for a social life. If we have time for a social life and studying, we don’t have time for sleep.

I don’t know about you, but I like to sleep. Sleep makes me feel less cranky and more human. But I also want to pass my classes, and with this circle of doom, it’s next to impossible to achieve it all. I did, however, find a way to wiggle around things from time to time, and that’s through essay writing services. I’ve tried a few of them so far, and these are the ones that got me decent results so far:

1. TrustMyPaper

TrustMyPaper services

Out of all essay writing services, this was by far my favorite. I ordered a paper on the history of native America, and what I received in return was a paper that made even my professor feel surprised. The TrustMypaper prices were good, formatting was nice, the four sources that they used were of the scholarly level, and the language was very good. I also liked the fact that the writer was in constant contact with me, and never withheld any questions. This proved to me that they take their job seriously.

2. IWriteEssays

IWriteEssays services

Considering that I paid $216 for an 8-page research paper, I expected IWriteEssays services to be incredible. It wasn’t bad, I admit, but it could have been a bit better. I liked that I received the paper on time; if I needed a revision, I probably could have asked for it and still received it before I needed to turn it in. What I didn’t like was the fact that a foreign writer probably wrote it. The grammar and spelling mistakes were a dead giveaway.

3. DarwinEssay

DarwinEssays services

Due to our experience and DarwinEssays testimonials, it has very low prices but very high content issues – at least when it comes to grammar. The ideas presented there were good, but the writing was definitely done by someone who has yet to master the English language. If you are tight on money, you can get them to write your paper for you since the content is interesting to read; keep in mind, though, that you may have a lot of proofreading to do.

4. SmartWritingServices

SmartWritingService services

From the very beginning, I noticed that this website is very well-organized. You have info on everything – maybe even too much – so there are no shady things going on. The content I got was fairly good, with several writing errors here and there, and the prices were also average. With the offered SmartWritingService discounts, I was charged $160.

5. EssayWriter

EssayWriter services

I have to admit; I was fairly skeptical of their services at first. I did, however, place an order for a research paper that was averagely priced and got a decent EssayWriter discounts. Customer service was nice, but their writing could have been better.

Overall, these are all legit essay writing services, but if you’d ask me, I’d go for Trust My Paper. They’re the only ones I can completely trust.