Top 5 Writing Services You Should Not Trust With Your Grade

As a student, I learned the hard way that some services want you to pass your classes, and then some services want to grill you of as much cash as they can before disappearing. I had the bad luck of coming across such services.

Because students should have each other’s backs, I’m going to tell you which are the websites that disappointed me most – and were literally the place where I wasted all my money.

1. SameDayEssay

SameDayEssay services

Going from the name, this is a service that is supposedly the savior of those in a real bind. Granted, you can buy papers on 20-day deadlines, but it’s the short one that’s attractive to us all. Fortunately, SameDayEssay prices are pretty much above the average – and considering I paid $160 for a paper, I thought I’d get something amazing. Unfortunately, all I got was bad grammar, horrible spelling, and a flat-out refusal to get a revision.

2. WriteMyPapers

WriteMyPapers services

Prices for this service are calculated based on your paper’s details. The more complicated it is, the more expensive it will be. I was charged almost $150 for my paper, which was once more a bit more expensive than I hoped. I did get WriteMyPapers discounts but considering that the writing was very poor, and the resources were clearly not scholarly, this paper would have gotten me at most a C minus.

3. Paperial

Paperial services

I found many samples of papers on their website, and everything was laid out quite nicely. Unfortunately, the paper I got in return had many errors, and it required a lot of proofreading. Information-wise, the paper was good enough to get a passing grade – but considering the Paperial prices I paid for it, that’s not enough. The fact that I waited 6 hours for a response on their “24/7” didn’t help either. If I were in a hurry, I would have been in serious trouble.

4. HomeworkMarket

HomeworkMarket services

No HomeworkMarket testimonials can mark the disappointment I had when I tried out this service. Despite the fact that the price paid was on the average side, the paper I received in return was a complete disaster. It was packed with grammatical errors, spelling issues, and the resources were by no means scholarly. It would have required complete rewriting if I wanted to turn this to a professor.

5. MeldaReseach

MeldaResearch services

Last but not least, this is another service you ought to avoid at all costs. Prices are average, and you can also get MeldaResearch discounts plenty – but I don’t see the worth in it if the paper you get is delivered late and riddled with mistakes to top it. Not only were there grammar issues, but the information presented was not reliable. Any “academic proof” was brought by internet articles by anonymous writers that could not be considered “scholarly.”

Overall, these services all have the “poor” rating from me. While I indeed got the papers and ascertained they aren’t fraudulent, I do feel that I was ripped off considering what I got in return.