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WritemyPapers Under the Microscope – Review

WritemyPapers.org is a company that caters most types of academic writing assignments to students, be them graduate or undergraduate. But is it doing a good job? Should you work with it?

Fortunately, I’ve compiled a WriteMyPapers review. After reading it, you’ll be able to judge for yourself. I’ve taken a look at the quality of their products, the speed with which they deliver them and the opinion of their previous customers.

You’re all covered.

Quality of Services

WritemyPapers.org looks rad. It has to be one of the nicest websites in this industry. But don’t be tricked into using this service just because the site is eye-catchy, lest you’ll be in for a terrifying surprise.

Sometimes, the instructions given by students aren’t even taken into consideration. The writers are pissed whenever their customers ask for revisions. And let’s just take this into open space: you can’t have 1k writers specialized in the legal domain.

Be honest with yourselves, seriously. If you’re in middle-school, the quality of these papers might be appropriate, but it is not, by any means, acceptable for college students. It doesn’t pose the language prowess and the compositions skills that a college student needs to exhibit in writing.

There is a serious lack of common sense in the writers working on Write My Papers. The communication between them and desperate students that just realized they’re going to fail their exams is almost inexistent. The customer service, too, isn’t of much help, if at all. What a shame.

The Prices

WritemyPapers.org has quite high prices. You can apply some discounts if you’re a first user of the service. A promo code, for instance, will get you a 10%. There are no coupon codes so don’t waste your time looking for them.

When put into contrast with the quality of the papers, these are too high. Many other students complained about this. You can’t ask for too much money when you’re well aware of the fact that you probably suck as a company and as a writer, can you?


On the WritemyPapers.org site, the customer reviews are all glowing and complimentary. The truth, however, is offsite, where a multitude of students express their anger towards the writers that compiled those awful papers.

Write My Papers is not fraud or scam, that’s for sure. In spite of that, 90% of the previous customers advise against working with this service. The reasons are quite clear. If you want to spend money to have your papers written by somebody, at least make sure you’re getting some decent quality.

You can read some more reviews on the Internet. All of them will point out that this is a useless company.

My Rating

This review of mine is short; there’s no denying that. However, it contains everything you should know about this company: it’s not worth a dime of your money nor a second of your time.

If you don’t believe me, there are several other reviews for you to look through. Ultimately, Write My Papers is just plain bad.

WriteMyPapers review